"Your rainbow panorama"

Rainbow provides unique sights


In 2017 Aarhus in Denmark will be European City of Culture. Already now the installation „Your Rainbow Panorama“ on the rooftop of ARos, Aarhus Kunstmuseum
establishes a strong identity-creating landmark. The spectacular artwork designed by the Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson connects heaven and earth. The unique project has been realized by Rohlfing Stahlbau.


Large laminated glass panes with a composition of coloured foils which create the  individual nuances of a rainbow offer unusual 360° views over the surrounding city to the guests of the museum. The Walkway, 150 metres long and measuring 52 metres in diameter, is supported by 12 columns resting on the weight-bearing steel construction beneath the terrace deck. Interior the Walkway measures 3 m wide by 3 m high.


The circular panoramic Walkway will be a special conclusion to Schmidt, Hammer and Lassen’s cubistic architectural frame. For experts it is a fine example of how  art and architecture can meld together. The realisation of this unique project has been made possible through a partnership between ARoS, the Municipality of  arhus and Realdania.


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