Chemnitz’s central station improved


On February 15th, 2013 the first tram-train arrived at the improved central station of Chemnitz. With it the next big construction stage of the so called “Chemnitzer Modell” is finished. The concrete works, the steel construction as well as the cladding was done by a consortium with the companies Dachbau Stassfurt, Heinrich Rohlfing, Profil, Temme Obermeier and TSM Bau.


The first railway station was opened in Chemnitz in 1852. During the Second World War the central station was severely damaged. In the 1970s it was replaced by a new building which was finished in 1976. The station has a combination of terminating and through platforms.


One part of the “Chemnitzer Modell” is to improve the interface between railway and tram as well as between railway and bus. Therefore the station is adapted for  tram-trains.


In the course of the development the central station of Chemnitz gets also a new  cladding, which is designed by Grüntuch Ernst Architects (Berlin). Main part forms a steel framework construction. The outside consists of half-transparent ETFE cushions that can be illuminated. Large-size aluminium panels equipped with weatherproofed technical textiles form the inside facade to the station hall.








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