The small blue wonder - New bridge for pedestrians and cyclists crossing the “Zwickauer Mulde”


During the official opening Lunzenau’s mayor Ronny Hofmann called it “the small blue wonder” – in reference to the bridge “Blue Wonder” in Dresden. Tourists and walkers are pleased about the new bridge for pedestrians and cyclists crossing the Zwickauer hollow in Lunzenau-Rochsburg. For the inhabitants of the residential area “Am Wald“ the suspension bridge at the foot of the castle Rochsburg is the only  connection to their properties by land.


Due to the special place, the history of the bridge goes back far into in the past.  Already about 1480 the chronicles mention a simple “goat's footbridge” about the hollow. Since about 1878 there was a fluctuating footbridge – the people called it “swinging bridge”. In 1936 this old footbridge was renewed. In 1954, however, a high water tore it completely away. Now, Rohlfing Stahlbau replaced the suspension bridge established in 1955/56 by a new pedestrians and cyclists bridge with similar design.


The suspension bridge - remarkable due to its blue colour - has a length of about 62  metres, with a pylon height of 7.30 metres. An innovative lighting in the handrails provides that the two-metre-wide bridge also attracts visitors in the evening.





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