All-weather Opera-enjoyment

Courtyard of the Residenz Palace in Salzburg now with mobile roof


For eight weeks in summer the Mozart's town Salzburg becomes the artistic centre of Europe. From now on the inner courtyard of the Old Residenz can be used for performances also during poor weather conditions. This will be possible because of a mobile roof which Rohlfing Stahlbau was involved with.


More or less closed on four sides, the courtyard of the Old Residenz is an inviting location for comparatively intimate enjoyment of artistic performances in the open air. The new mobile membrane roof which can be opened and closed within only a few minutes allows now to perform operas even in inclement weather conditions.


A steel framework supported by four pillars forms the primary construction which has been designed by Kugel architects and Alfred Rein engineers from Stuttgart. The roof covers no less than a space of 22 by 37 meters. The Rohlfing scope of supply includes also the design of the driving mechanism. The new roof has the  main advantage that its second layer atomizes the raindrops, and therefore, now downpour will impair the audience’s musical enjoyment. The whole roof structure will be mounted and dismantled every season.


picture: Kugel architects







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