All over chocolade


In October 2007 the new “SchauBox“ opens next to the Universum  Science Center in Bremen/Germany. Varying special exhibitions will be shown in that rust-red Pavilion with a length of 35 meters and 700 m². The cladding was built by  Rohlfing GmbH.


Not only from outside the „SchauBox“ looks like chocolate, also inside the first special exhibition deal with the most important ingredients for chocolate, the cacao.  In cooperation with the Bremer Chocolatier Hachez the exhibition “Chocoladium“  informs until September 30, 2008 about original production machines and many  others.


Other than the silver shining building of the Science  Center the “SchauBox“  looks straight-lined and simple. The cladding is made of “Corten“ steel, which  gives the special look. The architects Haslob, Kruse & Partner therewith enter uncharted territories. The connecting bridge between “SchauBox“ and Science  Center was also built by Rohlfing.







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