Rudolf Harbig Stadium opened


After nearly two years of construction in Dresden the new Rudolf Harbig Stadium was officially inaugurated on September 15th 2009. The replacement began in November 2007 with the demolition of the “Hornbach” grandstand. During operation the stadium of SG Dynamo Dresden was extended to 32,000 places. Contractor for the roof was the ARGE Rohlfing/Profil.


The building designed by the architect Martin Beyer (Rostock/Germany) has five floors. It is approximately 195 meters long and 160 meters wide on an
area of 72,000 square meters. The roof is designed as a steel framework
construction with 19,000 square meters.


About 43 million euros have been spent in total for the new building. The stadium will be used 2011 for the Women's World Cup in Germany and is one year previously scheduled for the Women’s U-20 championship.






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