Like a sleeping giant

Antony Gormley’s installation ‘Model’ at White Cube Gallery


Until mid of February 2013 White Cube Gallery in London presents Antony Gormley's installation "Model" which is the culmination of many, many years of exploration how the human body relates to architecture. Made in direct response to the space of the South Galleries was the vast, new work ‘Model’, which was also the title of the exhibition. Fabricated from 100 tonnes of weathering sheet steel, the work was both sculpture and building, human in form but at no point visible as a total figure.


Visitors was invited to enter ‘the sleeping giant’ through a 'foot' and journey through its inter-connected internal chambers. The sculpture demands that the visitors adjust their pace and bend their bodies to its special geometry. The experience of this analogy for the ‘dark interior of the body’ was guided by anticipation and memory and the direct and indirect light which penetrates the structure and which leads through the labyrinth.


The steel for the temporary installation was delivered, welded and mounted by Rohlfing Stahlbau, Niedermehnen.


Photos: Benjamin Westoby / White Cube


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