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Modern and barrier-free central bus station


The central bus station in the Westphalian city Werther now is much more comfortable and accessible. The bus station is built around a large central island and has stops for eight buses. Four steel and glass structures offer passengers a roof over their heads. The mobility concept also includes a bicycle box in which up to 26 bicycles can be parked safely. The building with bike box and public toilet is an eye-catcher as well. The facade is designed in bright colors, as used by the well-known expressionist painter and sculptor Peter August Böckstiegel, whose hometown is Werther.


Parking, resting, food and drinks - Big Dutchman builds bridge restaurant


Big Dutchman, Supplier of pig and poultry equipment and feeding systems, builds a new car park and a new staff-canteen at its base in Vechta. The self-service restaurant for employees spans the street between the administration building and the car park. Rohlfing Stahlbau Stemwede produced the steel construction and installed it.


Bridge connects city center and citadel park

New bridge at Vechta’s train station


A new pedestrian and cycle bridge now connects the city center and the citadel park in Vechta's west. The new building, which was commissioned by the city of Vechta as part of the project “New Mobility at the Park", serves as a cycle path as well as a barrier-free access to the park and the wedding forest from the city center.


The pedestrian and cycle bridge spans the street "An der Gräfte" and the railway line. It is accessible via ramps with moderate inclines or gentle slopes, lifts and stairs. In addition, the residents of the adjacent, new townhouses will have access to the bridge. The 306-meter-long structure made of steel, concrete and technology was built by Rohlfing and Scheidt as a joint venture.

Eye-catcher of the Country Garden Show in Lahr 2018


The new bicycle and footpath bridge connects in an elegant arch the Mauerfeld Citizens‘Park and the Stegmatten Lake Park at the Country Garden Show Lahr/Schwarzwald 2018. The succinct bridge crosses the road B415 as well as the B3. With it, the bridge solves cleverly the special situation in the interface of both parks together with the federal roads in the Lahrer west. The total length of the bridge amounts to about 290 metres. The middle section with a free span of about 115 metres is designed as a cable-stayed bridge. The steel and concrete works including the foundation have been done by the consortium Rohlfing Stahlbau und Meurer-Bau.


Zollhafen Mainz - bascule bridge for pedestrians and cyclists


Now an elegant bascule bridge spans the port entrance to the former “Zollhafen“ in Mainz. For cyclists and pedestrians it closes the gap between city centre, waterfront and “Kaiserbrücke“. In addition, the construction allows boats the access to the port with all water levels.


Due to the modern light character the bridge construction, 60 metres long, adapts itself to the new urbane quarter. Hydraulically operated the bridge is machine as well as structure work. The scope of works included, among others, the renovation of the historical abutments, concrete works, the steel structure, hydraulics, and control technology. Rohlfing Stahlbau and Heinrich Walter Bau did the works as a consortium with Buck Engineering and Girmatic as partners.

A smart bridge for Lunzenau


Four years ago in June a high water destroyed the “Küblers Brücke” in Lunzenau/Germany. Now, on June 22th, the city mayor of Lunzenau and members of the Saxon state ministry of environment and agriculture will inaugurate the new built bridge. The total length of the steel framework bridge crossing the “Zwickauer Mulde” in Lunzenau amounts to 57 metres. The building has a total width of about 6 metres. The steel structure consists of two sloping-recumbent, haunched girders, some cross beams and a roadway. The structure is stored on steel columns, which are on the middle pillar and on the abutments. Rohlfing Stahlbau Stemwede produced the steel construction and installed it.



Two football fields more

Enlargement of Stuttgart Trade Fair


The area of the Stuttgart Trade Fair is extended by a new hall, which offers about 14,600 square metres additional exhibition space. With the additional hall, the fair Stuttgart completes the origin design of the planning group. Because an ensemble with ten fair halls was planned from the beginning.


The hall 10 with it’s distinguish roof will continue the curved silhouette of the existing halls. Especially, the entrance west will be considerably revaluated by the new building. The consortium Rohlfing and Profil Stahlbau realized the steel construction and the timer-frame works. All works are carried out during normal operation. The new building will be opened probably at the beginning of 2018.


Like a big umbrella

Membrane pavilion Stockholm


From now on, a retractable roof offers during the warm season weather security for the outside catering area on the "Stureplan", one of the central places in Stockholm. The by Rohlfing Stahlbau built steel construction with membrane roof will be installed in the pedestrian's area yearly from May to October. The elliptical roof with dimensions of about 11.2 x 14.4 meters protects the guests like a big umbrella against the weather and can be automatically opened and be closed.


Bridging in Lüdenscheid

Footbridge connects railway station area and Phänomenta


A distinctive bridge leads in future from the “Brückenplatz” in front of the technical college in Luedenscheid to the science museum “Phänomenta”. The by Rohlfing Stahlbau produced and installed footbridge consists of two elegantly curved metal bows, the supporting steps on the eastern side and a platform on the west. The metal bows are made from 6-sided steel box segments of different depth. A lift provides for a barrier-free access to the Phänomenta and the technology centre.

Works under demanding conditions

Redevelopment of the “Johannis”-Bridge” in Saarbrucken


The bicycle and footpath bridge under the big “Johannis”-Bridge” in Saarbrucken is an important connection for pedestrians and cyclists. Currently the company Rohlfing Stahlbau redevelops the bridge extensively. Parts of the steel construction are renewed. Moreover, the building that spans the marshalling yard and several rails receives a new corrosion prevention. Main parts of the works are carried-out form a mobile tooling and containment.




A Christmas Tree for Bristol


The main attraction of this year’s German Christmas Market in Bristol is the probably world’s highest Christmas tree. It stands 32 meters high and is towering in Broadmead in the center of Bristol’s Shopping Quarter between traditional chalets decorated with festive greenery and colorful lights. The tree itself is decorated with more than 4,000,000 lights and offers a restaurant area that seats 55 guests. The Christmas tree’s steel construction with over 70 tons was produced and installed by Rohlfing Stahlbau, Germany. The company carried out also the engineering and the structural calculation.



Metzgergasse Buchs, Switzerland

Retractable roof protects against weather effects


The “Metzgergasse” in Buchs (Switzerland, St. Gallen) was redeveloped as a part of the urban pedestrian area. In this context the 11m wide and 50m long lane in the heart of the city was equipped with a retractable textile canopy which protects against rain and provides shade.


In order to create a generous space impression and to receive enough height, the roof structure designed by Kugel Architects (Stuttgart) was positioned in an average height of 6.5m above street level. On request a central driving unit automatically opens and closes the foldable PTFE fabric within a few minutes. The retractable roof which covers 525sqm completely moves on steel rails which are fixed via consoles with the existing buildings.


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Expansion Field by Antony Gormley


Antony Gormley’s “Expansion Field” was presented for the first time 2014/2015 in the large exhibition hall at the Zentrum Paul Klee, Bern, Switzerland. This work of the renowned British sculptor and Turner Prize winner consisting of 60 individual sculptures fabricated from Corten steel, is derived directly from different postures of the human body. The steel for the installation was delivered and welded by Rohlfing Stahlbau, Niedermehnen.


photograph by Charles Duprat, Paris


2,000 square meters covered area,

75 meters up

The Phänomenta Lüdenscheid has been increased


The interactive museum, Phänomenta Lüdenscheid has increased space and contents. To offer even more place for technical and physical experiments and exhibits the science museum grows about 2,000 square metres. And it also goes out high. A 75-metre-high tower with a “Foucaultschem Pendulum” will be the spotlight of the new building and a landmark for the region. The tower is designed as a steel-membrane-construction and serves as a weather protection for the exhibit, which explains the earth's rotation. Therefore, the steel tower grows metre by metre first at the Rohlfing workshop in Niedermehnen and then on site in Lüdenscheid. All pipe cuttings were produced by Rohlfing staff and machinery.

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Inclement weather?

No Problem!

Open-Air theatre in Bad Elster now with a roof


The nature theatre Bad Elster is located nicely on a long and slightly rising forest clearing. To guarantee weather security for the open-air stage in the summer which corresponds to professional claims, stage and adjoining orchestra pit were roofed with a steel-membrane construction. pricture: Alfred Rein

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Rebuild and fit for the local public transport

Denklinger Bridge reconstructed


After reconstruction according to the guidelines for historical monuments the steel railway bridge crossing the highway B256 in Denklingen is now again on its place. The figure of the bridge, built immediately after World War II and planed originally as an interim solution, has not changed, but now it corresponds also to the demands of modern railway systems.

picture: Stefan Christ/Förderkreis Wiehltalbahn

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Out with the old, in with the new

Cycle way and footpath bridge “Emscherstraße” in Herne

The new bridge with a steel structure substitutes a concrete bridge at the same place. The new bridge (total length approx. 61.50 metres, width between the railings approx. 3 metres) is designed as a 3-field-system. A tub-shaped steel hollow box forms the cross section. All works were done by the consortium Rohlfing/Scheidt on behalf of “Straßen NRW”.

Connection in dizzy height

Insurance company shortens ways between offices


In the course of building new offices, the insurance company LVM in Muenster decided to connect the buildings LVM5 und LVM1 in a height of 39 metre with a bridge. The connecting bridge between the 11th floor of the building LVM5 and the 12th floor of LVM1 consisting of a full-glazed outside facade, an also glazed ground floor and a light and reserved steel structure, which was built by Rohlfing Stahlbau.

pricture: Mirotec


Bridge day on the A2

“Jägersteig” bridge now on its place


The bridge was expected from the citizens in the south of Bielefeld longingly. More than 200 onlookers were at night on the legs to watch how the new steel construction for the “Jängersteig” bridge was mounted with a special crane across the motorway A2. The footbridge crossing the important road had collapsed in September, 2010, after a dump truck rammed the middle pillar. The new bridge (44 meters long, 52 tonnes weight) ordered by “Straßen NRW” was built by the consortium Rohlfing/Scheidt. Until its opening for pedestrians in May, 2013, the stairs will be mounted and the bearings will be completed. 

Chemnitz’s central station improved


On February 15th, 2013 the first tram-train arrived at the improved central station of Chemnitz. With it the next big construction stage of the so called “Chemnitzer Modell” is finished. The concrete works, the steel construction as well as the cladding was done by a consortium with the companies Dachbau Stassfurt, Heinrich Rohlfing, Profil, Temme Obermeier and TSM Bau. read more

Both river sides connected again - New steel bridge over the river Lesum in Bremen


The new bridge had to be pushed about 70 metres to get onto its place. Now it connects again both river sides of the Lesum in Bremen-Burg. All works including the displacement have been done by own staff and with own equipment of the consortium Heinrich Rohlfing GmbH and Wilhelm Scheidt. read more

Like a sleeping giant

Antony Gormley’s installation ‘Model’ at White Cube Gallery


Until mid of February 2013 White Cube Gallery in London presents Antony Gormley's installation "Model" which is the culmination of many, many years of exploration how the human body relates to architecture. Made in direct response to the space of the South Galleries was the vast, new work ‘Model’, which was also the title of the exhibition. Fabricated from 100 tonnes of weathering sheet steel, the work was both sculpture and building, human in form but at no point visible as a total figure.

Photo: Benjamin Westoby / White Cube

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"Your rainbow panorama"

Rainbow provides unique sights


In 2017 Aarhus in Denmark will be European City of Culture. Already now the installation „Your Rainbow Panorama“ on the rooftop of ARos, Aarhus Kunstmuseum
establishes a strong identity-creating landmark. The spectacular artwork designed by the Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson connects heaven and earth. The unique project has been realized by Rohlfing Stahlbau.

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Horizon Field Hamburg

Find out space and movement


Until September 2012 visitors of the Deichtorhallen Hamburg could find out space and movement in an absolutely new manner.


With the “Horizon Field Hamburg” the British artist Antony Gormley has developed an installation especially for the large Deichtorhalle. read more

All-weather Opera-enjoyment

Courtyard of the Residenz Palace in Salzburg now with mobile roof


For eight weeks in summer the Mozart's town Salzburg becomes the artistic centre of Europe. From now on the inner courtyard of the Old Residenz can be used for performances also during poor weather conditions. This will be possible because of a mobile roof which Rohlfing Stahlbau was involved with. (picture: Kugel Architects)

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The small blue wonder - New bridge for pedestrians and cyclists crossing the “Zwickauer Mulde”


During the official opening Lunzenau’s mayor Ronny Hofmann called it “the small blue wonder” – in reference to the bridge “Blue Wonder” in Dresden. Tourists and walkers are pleased about the new bridge for pedestrians and cyclists crossing the Zwickauer hollow in Lunzenau-Rochsburg. read more

New side entrances for the ferry terminals Wyk, Dagebüll and Wittdün


Now pedestrians are able to enjoy the comfort of own entrances at the ferry terminals Wyk (Föhr Island), Dagebüll and Wittdün (Amrum  Island). As usual at  comparable national and international ferry ports the new side entrances will provide separate ways for pedestrians and automobiles during loading and unloading.

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Looking like trees - A spectacular steel roof spans the entry at the Marriot Hotel in Frankfurt/Main


Like trees looks the new entrance roof at Frankfurt “WestendGate”, also known as Marriott Hotel. The building 159 metre high and with 47 floors is settled opposite to the Frankfurt Fair and near to public green spaces, which are continued by the roof structure now. read more


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